GAIA: Lifesize plaster and armature for middle-phase clay sculpture.

GAIA: Lifesize plaster and armature for middle-phase clay sculpture.

 Humans have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. During this time, our population has been growing exponentially. When groups expand into each other, we fight, and then we come together, until we fight again. The cycle repeats. But our weapons are too dangerous now. We cannot fight any more. In addition, we are facing environmental catastrophes of our own making. There is no doubt that life on Earth as we know it is at stake.

We must change to survive. What does that change look like?

We must live as one family, minimizing conflict and caring for each other and our planet.

We can catch a glimpse of this change in the youth who are connected to each other in ways the older generations can’t really understand. But that is not enough. It is imperative that we strengthen and trigger the desire to change in all of us and that we take action: be the change.

But how?

Art is a catalyst for action.

The way humans used to communicate and hold on to ideas was through art; Egypt, China, the cathedrals of Europe. We believe we need to do the same.

We started with The Bliss Project, which posed the question: “What would the world be like if women were safe?” As she danced, found her truth and stood her ground, Deja Solis embodied this vision of a world where women are safe and their voices are equal.

While there is still a long way to go, in many measurable ways, this change is occurring faster than we could have imagined. Me too. But the feeling of power and the momentum is difficult to sustain. And of course there is a response from the old structure and we are seeing that as well. Fear is the easiest feeling to induce in a stranger, and as it has been for thousands of years, it is being used now to control and distract.

So, the work is far from finished. What’s next in “R-Evolution”?

In the past we have praised the behaviors of aggression, dominance, holding territory, fighting, killing, etc. We have looked down on the behaviors of mothering, community-based child rearing, protection of children, empathy, breast feeding, an awareness of an other.

The next step is to listen to the voices with the nurturing focus that is based in mothering. It is time to support mindful experience with place, art and community through which we can tell this part of the story: We are one family. Families are difficult. Families need each other. Families help each other.

It is time to support the heroism of nurturers.

The Gaia Project

The first in a series of two sculptures, Gaia is the latest sculpture by Marco Cochrane with Julia Whitelaw: Inspired by and in honor of nurturing energy...mother and connection: and the joy we feel when we act on the imperative to take care of each other and our planet. We are all one.

As with all of Marco’s work, Julia chose her own expression.

Julia’s vision for Gaia was inspired by the joy she and her children experienced those times when, as a young mother, she took her children to the beach and watched as they ran, jumped, dug, built castles, bickered, buried each other, made new friends and by her own memories of being that child... the sun going down, a fire is started, marshmallows roasted, s’mores. The bliss of creating and enjoying a supportive, connected and nurturing home base from which to launch ourselves and explore our strengths. A reminder of the symbiotic nature of our relationships with each other and with Mother Nature...our planet.

At Burning Man, Gaia is that place we are always looking for; a gathering space with good energy - a cozy space in the middle of the open Playa - a center to return to where we will likely run into people we know who are drawn there too...

Gaia will be 40 feet x 12 feet, constructed out of stainless steel rod based on a “flower of life” pattern and covered in stainless steel mesh with LED lighting effects.